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Solutions and On Site services

Our support is cheaper and wider ranging because we are a small team of highly skilled Administrators and the skill pool we offer is complete for our clients needs.  We have very low overheads and this is reflected in the low cost of the solutions  Since we are not affiliated to any given Software or Hardware providers we can advise on deploy and supply support for any branded IT solution without any demarcation constraints.

Our Solutions are Cost effective and

intended to promote customer loyalty

Internet Service and Network Backbone (from booking and deployment to backup)

Email and Domain Hosting (deployment to installed clients and cloud)

Support of Microsoft Windows (all versions of hardware and software)

Apple Mac support (All devices and Versions of Apple OS we have an Apple hardware partner MR Systems)

Desktop Office, Publishing and Graphics Solutions (Installed and Cloud)

Print and Scan Solutions (inc Multifunction- wireless and email )

Accountancy and Bookkeeping (Installed Software cloud API’s and Amazon services Acumatica deployment)

Web Services (Websites, Virtual Companies and CRM’s )

POS and Retail (On Demand Solutions and PDQ’s)

Bespoke software (key systems, data extraction, databases, journalism and delivery labels)

Remote Access (for users and IT Admins)

Data Rescue and Computer Rescue (Locked out deleted data and failed hardware)

Timekeeping and Security (Handstamp and remote cameras)

Production Editing and Scripting (supporting Film Producers)

Special Computers (Hi End Systems for Animators and Sound Designers)

Document Management ( Paperless Office Solutions)

Media Deployment (Big Screens with loop playing films)


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